The device is based on NTLab’s chipsets:

  • 2xNT1065, 1xNT1068 are the Radio-Frequency Front-End (RF FE) integrated circuits for GNSS signals receiving and their processing: for amplification, additional filtering and RF down converting to a fixed intermediate frequency (IF);
  • 2xNT1057 are the Anti-Jamming GNSS processors for use with 4-element antenna array. The NT1057 implements the Null-Steering algorithm based on the classic auto-compensator architectures with equalization channels. It creates the dynamic nulls for protection GNSS module against narrowband and broadband interference sources.
  • 1xNT1058 is microcontroller which includes digital baseband processor and 64 dual channels (128 independent) hardware correlator for signals tracking and primary processing of digital signals.





Supported GNSS constellations Option 1:
GPS L1(C/A)/L2(CM)/L5, GLONASS L1(C/A)/ L2(C/A), Galileo E1B/ E1C/E5b, NavIC L5
Option 2:
GPS L1/L5, NavIC L5/S, Galileo E1, SBAS L1
Option 3:
GPS L1/L2, Beidou B1, Galileo L1, SBAS L1
Simultaneous GNSS signal reception
All other constellations available by request
Interference rejection:
Single jammer interference resistance Up to 90 dB (J/S)
Several jammers interference resistance (up to three) Up to 82 dB (J/S)
Spoofing protection Detection spoofing interferences
Number of receiver channels 4 for each frequency band
Positioning accuracy (RMS):
-horizontal 2.1 m
-vertical 3.8 m
Data interfaces 3xRS422, 2xUSB, 1xEthernet
Peripheral interfaces 1PPS out
Up-converter RF output (optional) 1 pcs Clear GNSS signal. L1 band by default. Other bands by request.
Data protocols NMEA, NTL Binary
Operation conditions:
Altitude 18000 m up to 50000 m by request
Velocity 512 m/s up to 3000 m/s by request
Supply voltage 12V…36V, 24V typical
Power consumption <9.0W (typical)
Dimensions 229 mm х 167 mm x 42 mm
Weight 1500 g
Operating temperature – 40°C …+ 65°C


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