NTLab can design a wide range of ICs:


– by signal: digital, analog (including RF) and mixed-signal;

– by technology : EEPROM CMOS , MS/RF CMOS , EF CMOS, Logic CMOS, HV/BCD CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS , SOI, GaAs;

– by geometry: 22…600 nm;

– by structure: from simple devices to Systems-on-Chip;

– by application: from general-purpose ICs to ASSPs and ASICs;

– by frequencies: up to 12 GHz.


We offer full list of IC design services:

  • IC specifications development and verification on models;
  • FPGA prototyping (for digital circuits) before tape-out;
  • Technology and foundry selection;
  • IC schematic and layout design;
  • IC sampling and prototyping organization;
  • RF, analog and mixed-signal IC testing (own lab);
  • Mass production organization and support.


Our company organizes and controls all chip manufacturing stages: die production, packaging and testing, packing and delivery. The availability of a full service from a single source is highly appreciated by our customers.


We provide full support of designed ICs by development tools (evaluation boards, software development tools, reference OS, GUI to control and setup our analog chips, etc.).