We offer license to manufacture GNSS receiver modules.

You can create your own navigation products, based on our reference design of modules and using our chipsets.
List of deliverables includes:

  • Reference design of the GNSS module: schematic diagram, PCB Gerber files, mechanical drawing;
  • Binary firmware for the baseband processor NT1058;
  • Binary firmware for secondary processing on STM32H7 (if applicable);
  • Microcontroller STM32H7 API*;
  • NTL Binary communication protocol description;
  • NTL Browser host PC software for the control of GNSS module;
  • Baseband processor NT1058 datasheet;
  • RF Front-End datasheets.

The NTLab chipsets (RF Front-End + Baseband processor) will be supply at a special price.
You can use NTLab’s firmware or develop your own proprietary firmware for secondary processing (positioning, INS+GNSS coupling, heading, etc.) thus creating an effective solution for each specific case.

*NTL10X family is a wide range of high-precision OEM GNSS receiver modules with open architecture.
Application programming interface (API) of the NTL10X family
– FreeRTOS real time operation system
– Full control of General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) lines
– Access to on-board MCU, 9-axis MEMS and NAND Flash